About Tiki & Chief

Tiki and Chief are sisters (we have the same parents).  Tiki the oldest of the two started this journey January 29, 2015 without seeing the jewelry.  Chief is the second oldest of our sibling group.  Chief was getting close to retirement from the United States Army when she decided to partner with her sister.


About Tiki:

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I was introduced to Paparazzi Accessories by one of my schoolmates hosting a Facebook online party. We graduated from high school some years prior and haven't really had any contact other than Facebook. I'm the friend until the end and will support everyone as long as its mutual. I will be completely honest...I turned my nose up at the thought of $5 jewelry. I thought to myself, if it wasn't worth anything at least my daughter could wear the jewelry. This way I would know if she was ready for her own jewelry based on how she kept up with and cared for the $5 jewelry. I ordered 3 Blockbuster pieces; In Good Glazes Black, Toast To  Perfection and Kaleidoscopically Captivating. Little did I know at the time I ordered I would fall in love with the quality of $5 jewelry. I signed up to become an independent consultant a few days after I received my first 3 pieces.

I'm a wife, mom of 3 boys and 2 girls (age range 30-12, nana of 1 granddaughter and 1 grandson. I've always looked for other streams of income to support my family without working 2 jobs.  I just absolutely refuse to work 2 jobs when there are other options.  All of the kids participate in various sports and some multiple sports at the same time. Paparazzi accessories was a way to offset fees and travel expenses related to the different sporting events. My first time leaving United States soil was on a Passport Vacation to the Dominican Republic. My husband and the 2 younger kids traveled with me. It was their first time flying...moments they will remember forever (Kj is always asking when will we go back to this location). We had so much fun from the day we landed until the day we left. We really enjoyed the service day at a local youth home there, connecting with other Papa sisters, team dinner just before sunset and dinner on the beach with everyone! Oh the memories...!!


This trip was the trip that changed everything! I became focused on retail sales and building a customer base. My Paparazzi Accessories business was forever changed by the sisterhood I experienced on the Passport Vacation. I’ve never looked back, full speed ahead! So my journey began...


About Chief:

📌Partner with us, click here for average earnings for Income statement for Paparazzi Consultants: https://paparazziaccessories.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=eadc0059a4a20c6773593569e&id=bf3ceb1393&e=fd114166d8


An Arkansas Native, retired Army Veteran, a wife and mom of five, Errica N. Johnson is a woman with a passion of giving and helping others. Errica, spent 23 years serving her country as a mechanic. She retired form the Army as a Chief Warrant 2 hence the name Chief Of Bling. Even though she loved serving and traveling the world she knew that it was time to walk away and build a lasting foundation for her children. 

Right before her retirement her sister would always talk to her about being a Paparazzi consultant. You see as a soldier Errica never got to really wear jewelry so selling it was just not her thing.  As time passed, her sister talked to her again about the  opportunity to make a few dollars extra here and there by selling $5 jewelry through Paparazzi Accessories. After talking to her husband about it, she decided to give the business a try! She never know she had a love and passion for jewelry. Not only that with her love of helping people and making people laugh she learned that she could do that while making a profit with selling this beautiful jewelry. Errica soon discovered that as a mother she could spend more free time with her children, Time that she missed out on while serving. She has been able to generate a passion in her children when it comes to this business. 


Errica’s goal in this business is to leave generational wealth for her kids and her kids kids. She   reached expectation that she did not at first set out to reach with just selling of $5 bling. In her short 2 years with the business she has hit the rank of Director and has hit the level of Life Of The Party Silver. She know there are unlimited possibilities to grow with in this business. She is willing to ride this journey until the wheels fall off to see all of the unlimited potential opportunities  she can reach. ~Chief Of Bling~



 We go live on Sunday’s  at 6pm CST (winter months time will vary based on sporting activities).  Follow us on our Facebook business page Just the Thing by Tiki & Chief. 

We would love to accessorize you starting at $5 in fashion forward accessories.  Thank you for your support and lets BLING together